Helping Mercer To Build a Village One Child at a Time

Change is something that Capitol County Children’s Collaborative (CCCC) is accustomed to, and welcomes the resulting positive outcomes for our youths. In 2015 CCCC was challenged with numerous opportunities to review the way we currently did things, where we wanted to go, and the manner in which we wanted to get there. We embraced our accomplishments and challenges and are excited to utilize the information gathered to guide and direct us as we continue to strive to improve our organization. Our 2015 Performance Report, is a result of our self-analysis, input from persons served, various stakeholders, and employees.

CCCC will share and provide our stakeholders with this report, as well as a quarterly report on various demographics and performance indicators. To ensure continuous improvement of our agency, CCCC conducts an annual written analysis to ensure we are on target with identified goals, and to ensure that there is sufficient time to fix/correct any identified issues. The 2015 analysis conducted on the 4 pillars (Fiscal/Clinical/Community/Quality) of CCCC focused on what we did as well as concerns identified.