Helping Mercer To Build a Village One Child at a Time

NOV 2018

Splendor Montessori where students learn Chinese as their second language - click for details!"

The mission of Splendor Bilingual Montessori School is to employ the philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori to educate children to their fullest potential, instilling a deep sense of personal independence and social responsibility. As citizens of the world, they will learn Chinese as their second language. Students at Splendor Bilingual Montessori School will receive the best education, allowing them to make decisions based on the highest order of ethics and conscience. The Splendor community always seeks children's interests, provides opportunities for them to thrive, and inspires them to build lasting relationships.

A Rainbow of Friends! - Click for details!

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this title with your child. This month we are celebrating differences! A Rainbow of Friends is appropriate for children of all ages.

A Rainbow of Friends from author P.K. Hallinan celebrates the differences that make all people special. Friends come in all colors and sizes. They may be funny or serious, athletes or stars, shy or outgoing. But no matter our differences we can work together and be kind to each other. This book is wonderful reminder to celebrate our differences together!

Embrace Family Diversity - click here for details!

Raising Bilingual Kids - click here for details!

Helen L. Diller Vacation Home for Vision Impaired Children 2018 Turkey Trot - click for details!

OCT 2018

Fun Family Outings with a Wheelchair - click for details!

Raising a Child with Down Syndrome - click for details

Transgender Youth Group in Princeton, NJ - click for details!

Taste Of The Nations - May 8, 2018 American Haitian Indian Irish Israeli Jamaican Italian Mexican Mexican Puerto Rican
Stand Against Racism Stand Against Racism
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