Engage. Educate. Empower.

CCCC’s Mission and Vision

The mission of CCCC is to empower children and families through the provision of comprehensive and individualized care that promotes the maintenance of healthy and independent family functioning. This mission is supported by the belief that children and their families are remarkably resilient and are more than capable of positive growth and development when provided with effective community centered service and support.

Brief History

In 2002 NJ initiated a reform of children’s mental health and behavioral services to make it easier for families to access these services. Originally called the Children’s Initiative and then as it was implemented in more and more communities the name was changed to the Partnership for Children. The goals and values of the Partnership are now the cornerstone of the new Division of Children’s System of Care. The motivation for this reform and the development of this new Division was to change our fragmented system. In the old system, families had to wait until their child was in crisis before they could get help and the family’s access to services depended on where they were in the system – court, hospital. There appeared to be many doors which was confusing and frustrating to families in crisis. Now, a family can seek help before their child goes into crisis and they can get help no matter where they are in the system. Now, there is one door – that door is our Local System of Care: Perform Care NJ.

The Capitol County Children’s Collaborative’s (CCCC) Strategic Plan FY 19-21 is built on four pillars which drive our mission: Clinical/Coordination, Financial, Quality, and Community. The goals of the four pillars are as follows:

  • 1. Clinical/ Coordination - To deliver optimum clinical services to CCCC youth and families/caregivers.
  • 2. Financial - To assure that CCCC is financially sound and a good steward of public funds.
  • 3. Quality - To provide effective, efficient, satisfactory and accessible quality care to CCCC youth and their families/caregivers.
  • 4. Community - To support each child’s ability to live in the community of his or her choice.